Andrew "Dewey" Rumpelt

Retailers See Yogurt Category Get More Competitive
New Varieties Driving Higher Register Rings and More Trade Monies

Albany, NY: Americas yogurt brands are soaring higher than ever in the past year, and that is good news for retailers as they are seeing higher rings and more profit, according to the latest data from PRICE-TRAK, an Albany, N.Y.-based market research company specializing in trade pricing and trade promotion reporting of 150 standard categories.

For the latest 12 months, the average unit trade price increased to $1.22, up 8% vs. same period year ago. New premium varieties like Chobani FLIP, Fage Crossovers and Noosa premium yogurt offer consumers more options to choose from. Additionally, Andy "Dewey" Rumpelt, president of PRICE-TRAK, notes: "The brands are also responding with higher trade allowances on average, which are being used for TPR's and ad features to drive trial and awareness at the shelf."

Unlike grocery items where trade monies can be used for displays, the refrigerated section relies more heavily on multiple unit promotional pricing. The Price-Trak Report noted that the length of deals increased slightly to 3.7 weeks on average. Rumpelt also noted "we are seeing trade promotion allowances as high as 22%." He continued, that in addition there is a 14% increase in the number of unique UPC's over the past year in this category.

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