PRICE-TRAK We Monitor Prices

Your competitors just raised their list prices - but you had no idea. We can help.

Good thing there’s Price-Trak. It’s a weekly monitoring service reporting grocery list pricing, covering 150+ categories. We fill the gap that IRI and Nielsen simply don’t provide - wholesale pricing information. We secure pricing data from leading wholesalers then cleanse and consolidate the information, making it easy for you to get a handle on competitive pricing. This means you now have a complete picture to go toe-to-toe with your trade partners - leading to improved margins and better merchandising opportunities.

PRICE-TRAK reports list prices by UPC, Brand, Description, Pack, Size; and includes:

  • WEEKLY ALERT – Price changes, new items and deals starting every week
  • DETAIL – Provides trade deals past 52 weeks
  • LIST COST (Snap Shot and Trended) – wholesaler list prices and trade allowance ranges by UPC for most recent week or 12 month trend

If this is relevant, then a typical next step is a conversation where we can learn more about your needs to see it makes sense to work together.