Knowing what others are doing keeps you on top in the grocery marketplace. That's where we can help.
Our reports make it easy to analyze marketplace trends.

National Promotion Reports, LLC (NatPromo), formerly Promodata, is a market research firm specializing in competitive trade promotion insights. We serve leading manufacturers in the consumer packaged goods and food service industries. Since 1970, NatPromo has been providing trade insights on pricing and new products for brand and trade marketers, industry consultants, universities and retailers.

With over 40 years of industry experience, NatPromo has a proven track record. Our management team is dedicated to providing on-going trade information that's reliable, accurate and timely. Our syndicated trade reports provide a competitive advantage, and allow you to easily monitor and analyze competitors. An extensive network of grocery wholesalers, retailers, and food service distributors ensure accurate trade reporting.

NatPromo provides you with a complete understanding of the competitive trade landscape and ensures that your trade strategies are right for your business. Our commitment is to provide affordable and accurate competitive trade pricing and deal data in simple to use reports. NatPromo makes you more knowledgeable about the competitive environment, thus making you more aware of competitive threats.