Bob Cristofono
Albany, NY

Price-Trak notes significant increases in pricing in 1st Half 2018

New York, NY: Price-Trak, a National Promotions Reports company, announced first half 2018 results for 150 grocery categories today. Of the categories monitored, a total of 60% of those categories showed a increase in pricing compared to the same time period a year ago. This is a significant trend as price increases are being seen in a large number of categories.

There has been much written about pricing with increasing commodity costs, retailer pressure to hold pricing, shifting consumer trends, increase in private label activity.

The increases were across all segments that are monitored from data provided by a select group of grocery wholesalers across the country.

Here are some select category key results by segment:


  • Eggs reported a 15.4% increase
  • Yogurt products were up 3.7%


  • Frozen Fruit was up 14%
  • Frozen Baked Goods were up 9.8%

Dry Grocery

  • Shelf Stable Desserts increased by 14%
  • Crackers increased by 10.4%
  • Pet Products were up 8.7%

Household Products

  • Oven Cleaners increased by 14.9%

There were some recognizable categories where pricing declined in the past year including:

  • Cereal (-0.14%)
  • Snacks (-2.9%)
  • Coffee (-1.98%)
  • Tea (-6.13%)

Price-Trak reports pricing, along with new product information and trade allowances weekly. Reports start as low as $1,000.

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About Price-Trak, National Promotion Reports, LLC (formerly Leemis): PRICE-TRAK provides competitive cost and trade reports, and monitors 150 standard warehouse categories, and provides manufacturers with easy to use syndicated reports to monitor price changes and trade allowances. PRICE-TRAK also supports grocery wholesalers to assist with pricing and promotional allowance understanding to help ensure grocery wholesalers and independents have the tools necessary to remain a viable channel and compete effectively. For more information please contact PRICE-TRAK at