Andrew "Dewey" Rumpelt
Albany, NY

Egg Prices Drop Sharply Through June 2016
Recovery from Bird Flu Fuels Strong Supply

Albany, NY: The average cost of eggs in 2016 through June have dropped sharply vs. same period in 2015, according to the latest data from PRICE-TRAK, an Albany, N.Y.-based market research company specializing in price and trade promotion of 150 standard categories.

Last year, the bird flu outbreak decimated egg production, as nearly 50 million birds, or roughly 15 percent of the egg laying bird population, was destroyed. However, Andrew "Dewey" Rumpelt, president of PRICE-TRAK, notes: "We are seeing the egg production facilities rebound in a strong manner. This recovery has led to a strong supply of eggs."

The average cost of eggs has dropped -9.5 percent through June 2016, per PRICE-TRAK, which has been monitoring retail food prices for 40 years. The average cost of an item in the egg category is $3.01, down $.31 from a year ago.

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