Andrew "Dewey" Rumpelt
Albany, NY

Dry Grocery Segment Prices Rose 1.3% in 1st Half 2016
Refrigerated and Frozen Segments Realized Price Declines

Albany, NY: Today, PRICE-TRAK, a market research company specializing in price and trade promotion reporting, reports that items in Dry Grocery segment rose an average of 1.3% in 1st Half 2016 vs. same period last year. Overall, prices increased .6% within the total Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) area as tracked by PRICE-TRAK, a service that has been reporting prices for 40 years. The data was collected from a broad panel of grocery wholesalers and retailers dispersed throughout the U.S. and examined over 90,000 items. Among other segments to increase, Shelf Stable Beverages rose +1.0% and Personal Care items rose +1.0%.

Lower grain cost lead to lower frozen meat items reversing several years of price increases, which is good news for meat lovers. Lower grain feed helped Refrigerated Eggs lower pricing which was key in the price declines in the Refrigerated Foods segment.

In the Dry Grocery categories colder and wetter than normal weather conditions resulted in a reduction of strawberry acreage affecting pricing for the Fruit/Shelf category. Additionally reduction in imports from Mexico also impacted pricing in fruit and nuts related products. Other categories experiencing price advances of significances include; Sauce, +4.7%; and Seasonings, +2.6%.

About PRICE-TRAK, National Promotion Reports, LLC (formerly Leemis):

PRICE-TRAK provides specialized competitive cost and trade reports, and monitors 150 standard warehouse categories, and provides manufacturers with easy to use syndicated reports to monitor price changes and trade allowances. PRICE-TRAK also supports grocery wholesalers to assist with pricing and promotional allowance understanding to help ensure grocery wholesalers and independents have the tools necessary to remain a viable channel and compete effectively. For more information please contact PRICE-TRAK at